Children & Mental Health
Reflective Supervision Finding the Words, Finding the Ways:
Exploring Reflective Supervision and Facilitation

People who supervise in childcare settings can face tremendous challenges and pressures.

Working families are often stressed, and the caregivers who try to support them can find themselves involved in complex, emotionally charged situations.

My sister, Trudi Murch of Southwest Human Development in Phoenix and her colleague Mary Claire Heffron of Children's Hospital in Oakland, California are at the forefront of a movement among mental health professionals to offer a kind of training called "reflective supervision" by offering, professional development, and oversight of those who work with infants, young children, and their families.

They have written a book called Reflective Supervision and Leadership in Infant and Early Childhood: Programs for Zero To Three.

But they also wanted to make a set of videos so that practitioners could actually see reflective supervision practiced – its full range of voice, gesture, pacing, and conversational styles unfold in real time.

WestEd of San Francisco were producer and distributor, and worked with us to make a set of video vignettes and an accompanying workbook. These unscripted segments feature experienced supervisors and practitioners drawn from a variety of infant and early childhood programs at work.

Video coming soon.


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