This project has a life of its own. It evolves with my personal life as well as with our social, political and cultural landscape.

I almost never know what will come out of an adventure south, but I never doubt that I will learn something new and see something beautiful while I am there. In the South, I find a world at once more familiar and more foreign than any I know. Whether I am present at a family gathering, or driving alone on back roads, or talking with people at a gas station or restaurant in Tennessee or Kentucky, as I travel from my home in Pittsburgh, I am aware that, unlike many of my friends and colleagues, I feel at home and at ease in the South in ways that I never feel at ease in the North. At the same time, I often do not understand what people say, or what they mean — in vocabulary, syntax and accent, or in intention, inference and context. In some ways when I am there, I feel like I child, full of wonder and surrounded by mysteries.

The two completed parts of this project are On Cane Creek and Jeff James: You’ve Got to Take Pride in What You Do.

I am also at work on a longer installation about Jeff James that will be less of a documentary and more of an immersive experience of his work and his world.

Furthermore, I am working on a long form documentary about rural Tennessee and the people who live there –some of my relatives included, I hope. It's just getting underway, so stay tuned.

And always, there are side projects. As I said before, this project has a life of its own.

> On Cane Creek
> Jeff James: You've Got to Take Pride in What You Do




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